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I’m a student. When I take interest in a subject, I learn as much about it as I can—its history, evolution, leaders in industry, etc. It’s an unquenchable thirst. What began as a way to earn extra cash, quickly evolved into a passion for movement and the human body. The application of what I have learned has lead me to one of my favorite activities – coaching. The phrase “as a person does anything, (s)he does everything”. This quote motivates me every day to show clients that most of their limitations are merely hardened conceptions and that they can go beyond and even smash through them. In doing so, they create new, healthy habits and apply them to other areas of their lives. The results can be transformational for the client and for me as well.

Coaching is not only my passion, it is my oxygen – muscle + bone nyc is its manifestation.

Recently, I had an opportunity to share my story with the host of Create Your Life series, Kevin Y. Brown, on WHCR 90.3 FM at the City College of New York (which airs every Sunday night). Listen to learn more about me – where I come from and how I went from Wall Street trader to personal trainer.

  • Tonight, I’m thankful to be knee-pain free. Three months ago, I was that chick hobbling up and down the stairs with the line of exasperated people trailing behind her. My sports doctor had told me I wasn’t “built for running,” and I was in so much pain that I’d begun to believe him. Three months later, after working with my trainer, Tony Laurent, I’m not only back to running, I’m now walking UP the escalator stairs JUST BECAUSE I CAN. If you’re in pain – or if you just don’t ever want to be – you owe it to yourself to check him out. Whether you’re looking to heal, train, or just to get stronger/faster/better, he knows his craft and he cares. And I HATE working out, so trust – if he can work with me, he can work with ANYBODY. So, tonight, I’m thankful that my girl Tracey gave me an amazing referral, and that my boy Tony helped me to turn the clock back a bit. TANKU! #‎muscleandbonenyc – Candace M.

  • “For years I searched for products and people who could help me lose weight, and after disappointments, uneducated and unreliable trainers, I began to give up. After a recommendation, I took a shot on Tony. He was very particular with me and my body. He analyzed my muscle imbalances and used that information as a starting point. I have been working with him for nearly 2 years now and he continues to take time to analyze and correct any imbalances, developing workouts that’ll get me to my goals. I can truly say I am extremely grateful and appreciative for finding a trainer who never gave up on me, pushes me to my limits and continuously changes my workouts to make sure I am burning fat and building muscle with every session. I’m definitely seeing results. I’ve lost 25 pounds and gained a new body, confidence and drive.” -Rania Z.

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mbnyc philosophy

A great trainer once said about exercise and movement, “It’s not what you can do, but what you can recover from that matters.” Technique, form, intensity and speed (to name but a few) directly impact recovery. Everyone has muscle imbalances, the more extreme cases of which invariably lead to injury. Injury costs us time and money while hindering our ability to move.
The muscle + bone nyc philosophy is to work with clients where they are at – correcting muscle imbalances, creating stability, building endurance, improving strength, increasing power, as well as enhancing mobility and flexibility. Together, we’ll fortify the weaknesses associated with muscle imbalances, then use integrated movements to enhance your body’s functionality and overall strength. You will move more efficiently with improved oxygen use, lower resting heart rate, increased fat burning and faster recovery. The resulting gains will be addictive, causing you to crave more as your body gets increasingly leaner as you smash through your training goals!

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Whether you want gear for lounging or training, we got you! When you purchase any of our gear, 10% is donated to Kelly’s Loving Hands, a 501(c)(3) non-profit financial literacy initiative dedicated to teaching youth about money, wealth and the differences between them.

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