Generational Joint Pain

Got sudden or chronic joint problems?  Do you feel pain or have limited range of motion?  If you haven’t been diagnosed by your doctor with soft tissue damage, check out your parents’ joint history.  Learn their joint dysfunction to prevent your own injury and stave off effects of aging while you’re at it. In my case, my knees and shoulders … Read More

Foam Rolling – not sexy but DAMN good for you!

Here it is–that time of year that we give ourselves every excuse to go crazy with the calories. It’s tradition. Everybody does it. I couldn’t stop myself. It’s soooo good! I deserve it. I was hungry. I’m stressed because of the Giants/Bears/Derrick Rose…the reasons go on and on. No matter what you decide to do with your diet, remember you … Read More

Foot & Heel Pain Fix (Plantar Fasciitis)

First thing in the morning, PAIN THAT FEELS LIKE NEEDLES IN YOUR FOOT…yep, plantar fasciitis. For my aspiring marathoners, triathletes, and leisure runners, when you first begin training, you’ll almost always confront foot/ankle issue of plantar fasciitis. Muscles in the bottoms of the feet become swollen and irritated from sudden demands of running. Some doctors will tell you to wear … Read More

Shin-Splints Fix

If you started a running program recently and are feeling pain along the side of your shin(s), you could be suffering a condition called medial tibial stress syndrome,  commonly referred to as “shin-splints”. Causes of shin-splints range from shoe type to running surface to running technique or “mechanics”. In most cases the explanation is far simpler — muscle imbalance, caused … Read More

Achilles’ Tendonitis Fix

Pain or inflammation behind your ankle, above your heel? You could be suffering Achilles’ tendonitis or tendinopathy. (If there’s no swelling, the condition is referred to as tendinosis.) This painful condition is the result of muscle imbalance and can be caused by wearing high heels, having flat feet, running, jumping, or dancing. It creates a limited range of motion in … Read More

Jumper’s Knee Fix

Pain felt on the patellar tendon (soft spot just below the kneecap) is known as “jumpers knee”. This is a common injury among basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, track and field athletes because of the frequent jumping, landing, and changing direction. These movements can cause strains, tears, and damage to the patellar tendon from of the constant strain on their … Read More

Runner’s Knee Fix

The name can be misleading as the condition is frequently suffered by people who aren’t runners. Symptoms can include pain behind or around the kneecap (especially where the thighbone and the kneecap meet), pain caused by bending the knee when walking, squatting, kneeling, running, or even rising from a chair.  You may also feel increased pain when walking downstairs or … Read More

Eating 101

It can be VERY disheartening to hit the gym regularly, get stronger, feel better and yet most of your gains remain invisible. I am constantly urging certain clients to allow their gains to be revealed by focusing on food intake. Here are some basic points to help rev up your metabolism and shed unwanted fat. Eat breakfast. It’s cliche, yes…but … Read More