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About Us

I’m Tony

I’m 50+ years old, but don't let the grey beard fool you. I'm living proof that age doesn’t have to lead to chronic joint pain or limitations. I have had both shoulders surgically repaired. I enjoy the occasional cigar (preferably Cuban), bourbon (preferably Tennessee) and/or beer (preferably stout). I’ve had my share of street fights, one leaving me with weak ocular muscles. (To this day, that eye ain’t quite right.) My past is full of mistakes compounded by bad choices—but I’ve listened to the lessons and learned. If I can be stronger today than at any other time of my life, then you can too. 

I’m a student. When I take interest in a subject, I learn as much about it as I can—its history, evolution, leaders in industry, etc. It’s an unquenchable thirst. Training began as a way to earn extra cash, and quickly evolved into a passion for movement and the human body. The application of what I have learned has led me to one of my favorite activities – coaching. The phrase “as a person does anything, (s)he does everything” is my daily motivator for showing clients that most of their limitations are merely hardened conceptions, and that they can smash through them. In doing so, they create new, healthy habits and apply them to other areas of their lives. The results can be transformational for the client and for me as well. 

Coaching is not only my passion, it is my oxygen – Muscle + Bone NYC is its manifestation.

Listen to me and our philosophy here:

In 2002 I created the non-profit Kelly’s Loving Hands, a 501c3 dedicated to teaching financial literacy, wealth creation and money management to under served young people. Named after my grandmother, Myrt Kelly, who instilled in me the importance of self sufficiency and independence. Funding goes to building the endowment as well as purchasing incidentals (including books, travel, meal plans, etc) for promising college students, and eventually, scholarships to Finance majors for its past participants.

When you purchase any Muscle and Bone NYC gear, 10% is donated to KLH. 
For more information or to make a donation, please visit