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MBNYC Functional Movement Online Class

MBNYC Functional Training class

Pain is an ever increasing problem today. Longer work hours and technology have led to a world of less movement and more pain / injury than ever before. It can come seemingly out of nowhere—getting out of bed, standing up after sitting for hours, or simply walking. You used to enjoy sports, hobbies, or playing with your kids but inevitably, pain prevents you from participating in these activities, thereby compromising your quality of life. Then comes the attempted pain management cycle—starting with painkillers, then the eventual doctor’s visit, which could quite possibly lead to recommended surgery for a condition that could be easily (and much more cheaply!) repaired without it. Your pains don’t have to be acute or chronic any longer. Come join Muscle and Bone NYC functional movement class for a week (3 consecutive sessions—Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) absolutely free. 

Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:55 to 9AM, Saturdays 8:55 to 10AM (EST). Please email for details. My work is a science-based approach to training. Whether joint pain, injury correction/prevention, or training for improved functionality, MBNYC is here to get you back to the things you love to do.